Tribute to Alan MacGowan

Alan MacGowan (1936–2008)
Eleventh-Hour Warrior for Christ

We in the Zacchaeus Fellowship pay tribute to Alan MacGowan, who died suddenly on December 3 2008 while participating in an Internet-based teleconference with fellow members of the Zacchaeus executive. Alan loved to witness to the transforming power of Christ, and he will be greatly missed.

Alan was active in the gay community for most of his adult life but found no peace in a homosexual identity, as he describes in a testimony he shared on many occasions. In 2002, at last repenting of his rebellion and disobedience, he offered his full submission to Jesus. Through a Spirit-filled Christian retreat, he found healing of his homosexual passions. Four years ago, at the age of 68, Alan fell in love with a Christian lady, Shirley, and they were soon married.

When heart trouble and a series of other medical problems put him in hospital, his first thought was the opportunity to share Christ’s love with the people he would meet there. In a recent e-mail he reminded us, “I have been through quite a bit in the last three years, and He has brought me through, even though I do suffer at times with fatigue. I trust him completely, and praise him always.”

Never one to mince words, Alan continually wrote impassioned letters in which he denounced the drift of the Anglican Church of Canada away from scripturally based faith and morals and called it to repent for tolerating and even blessing sexual activity outside marriage. He remained always personally compassionate, though, towards his old friends in the gay community and others trapped, as he had once been, in sexual addiction and immorality.

It was a grace that he died in the presence, via the Internet, of friends who were praying for him while he waited for the ambulance. As his life slipped away, he kept on saying, “I love you, Jesus.”

The funeral will be at 3 p.m. Saturday, December 6, at St. Mary’s Chatham, 207 Wellington St., Miramichi, NB. 506-773-7387.

Alan often travelled at his own expense to give his testimony of God’s redemptive work in his life. He felt the keen need to expand the Friends of Zacchaeus, people who will support the Fellowship in prayer and with financial donations. Donations are welcome in the form of cheques payable to St. Thomas the Apostle Anglican Church and may be sent to 250 Dundas St. South, Suite 242, Cambridge, ON N1R 8A8.

May Alan rest in peace. We ask for your prayers for his loved ones, especially Shirley.

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