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Christian Faith and Same-Sex Attraction

Dr. Wesley Hill on Christian faith and Same Sex Attraction

H2>On Gender Identity Issues – Sex-change regret
Walt Hyer on Sex Change Regrets
Sex Change Regrets

On Theology of the Body

Adult Talk by Damon Owens
– Damon Owens (a Catholic) speaks on the meaning of sex
Dignity in person-hood begins with God.. hence, the theology of the body begins with the truth about who God is so that we can take in to a deeper account of who we are, made in His image and likeness.

Testimonies and Documentaries Found Online

Lee Preston – on leaving gay sex and porn behind
Pastor Jim Domen’s Story

The Desire of the Everlasting Hills – A Documentar
– Three intimate and candid portraits of Catholics who try to navigate the waters of self-understanding, faith and homosexuality. One man in this video is still living with his partner in a chaste relationship. We do not recommend committed non-sexual same sex relationships for various reasons, but we also acknowledge that change does not happen overnight. It is a process. God meets us where we are and draws us to Himself. Without our relationship with Him, change of any kind that is pleasing to God is impossible.